SRP officers and executives

SRP's officers, executive management and board and council members are dedicated to meeting the changing water and power needs of the Salt River Valley.


  • David Rousseau, President
  • John Hoopes, Vice President
  • John Felty, Corporate Secretary
  • Steven Hulet, Corporate Treasurer

Executive management

  • Mike Hummel, General Manager & Chief Executive Officer
  • Alaina Chabrier, Associate General Manager & Chief Communications Executive
  • Peter Hayes, Associate General Manager & Chief Public Affairs Executive
  • Michael Lowe, Deputy General Manager, Customer Operations and Services & Chief Customer Executive
  • Aidan McSheffrey, Associate General Manager & Chief Financial Executive
  • Michael O'Connor, Associate General Manager & Chief Legal Executive
  • Dave Roberts, Associate General Manager, Water Resources

Please also see the SRP elected officials page.

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