Water and power education available to international visitors

SRP, located in the southwestern United States, has more than 100 years of experience in water resource management and power generation in the Sonoran Desert.

This expertise is of special interest to governments and private industries around the world, particularly those with arid and semiarid climates.

SRP's International Relations team is proud to share its expertise in water delivery and power generation with our fellow professionals and offer a variety of educational opportunities.


Who can participate

Each year, hundreds of international dignitaries and professionals travel to SRP's headquarters in Arizona to obtain information about water reclamation and power generation, transmission and distribution. Those who may find our programs of interest include:

  • Multinational engineering companies
  • Foreign government offices and embassies
  • National industry organizations
  • Federal and international agencies
  • Educational institutions, often specializing in agribusiness, irrigation and environmental resources
  • Commerce and trade offices overseas
  • Utility companies in and outside the U.S.

Request a visit

SRP can develop a program – including a tentative schedule and costs – tailored to meet the needs of visiting professionals or groups.

To get the visit process started or request more information, email international@srpnet.com, fax (602) 236-5950 or fill out our online form.

Get started

Informational sessions

SRP operates a system of seven storage dams and 1,300 miles (2,092 kilometers) of canals and laterals, delivering more than 1 million acre feet of water annually to municipalities and irrigators. SRP also provides power to nearly 1 million customers in a 2,900-square-mile service area in central Arizona.

We share our expertise in managing these resources through informational sessions in the following areas. All programs are tailored to fit the needs and interests of our visitors.

  • Open-channel, gravity-flow water management
  • Irrigation structure design and maintenance
  • Remote supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technology
  • Weed, algae and salinity control methods
  • Water-quality management
  • Watershed and reservoir management
  • Construction, maintenance and operations of small dams
  • Utilization and management of groundwater hydrology
  • Large-scale groundwater recharge programs
  • Strategic planning and development of water resources
  • Water conservation and land management policies
  • Environmental protection programs
  • History and operation as a U.S. reclamation project
  • Power generation management (oil, gas, hydro, coal, nuclear)
  • Power generation development (oil, gas, hydro, coal)
  • Transmission and distribution system development
  • Unit costing, market pricing and profit development
  • Customer relations regarding services and programs
  • Environmental planning at generating stations
  • Research, development and applications of renewable energy
  • Community and government relations on policy issues
  • Financial planning and budget management strategy
  • Role of a utility in economic development
  • Business planning for a competitive marketplace