Sustainability and Energy Efficiency reports

Image of cover of 2015 Conservation and Stewardship Report

Conservation and Stewardship Report

Read about our 2016 conservation and stewardship initiatives or download the report Document is a PDF to share.

Our 2015 Document is a PDF report are also available for download.

Image of 2018 Energy Efficiency Report cover

Energy-Efficiency Report

The 2018 Energy-Efficiency Report Document is a PDF summarizes how our programs help customers reduce their energy use and costs, while enabling SRP to meet energy demands.

Our 2017 Energy-Efficiency Report is also available.

Image of 2017 Resource Stewardship Report cover

Resource Stewardship Report

The Resource Stewardship Report Document is a PDF includes information about our accomplishments in meeting the SRP Sustainable Portfolio goals, our resource planning efforts and our water portfolio objectives.

Our 2016 Resource Stewardship Report Document is a PDF is also available.

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