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Neighborhood irrigation system care

A successful irrigation system requires neighbors to work together, not just on water delivery days, but also throughout the year to care for and maintain the private neighborhood irrigation system.

Neighborhoods may receive inadequate deliveries if private irrigation systems are leaking, have fallen into disrepair, are causing uncontrolled flooding and damage to neighborhood properties, or are unreasonably obstructed by debris or other materials.

Damages to the neighborhood system, including damage to ditches, irrigation pipelines and gates, are also the responsibility of neighborhood irrigation system users. Neighbors must work together to make system repairs. SRP does not make repairs to the neighborhood system.

Neighborhoods may also opt to form a water delivery district to handle the operation and maintenance of their irrigation system.

Ditch maintenance

Organizing regularly scheduled neighborhood cleanup days can reduce routine maintenance time and spread the workload equally among customers.

During these cleanups, be sure to clear ditches of grass, weeds, and debris. When cleaning the ditch, be sure the bottom is shoveled out 2-3 inches lower than the bottom of the head gates or pipe.

Also check all gates, pipes, and yard valves. Finally, ensure trash gates are properly installed where open ditches flow into a pipeline.

Safety tip: Uncovered standboxes pose a safety risk for curious children and animals and should be covered at all times. Covering the boxes also prevents debris from entering the system.

Individual property owners should also ensure that their berms sufficiently contain irrigation water within their property’s boundaries.

Routine communication

Talk regularly with your neighbors and make sure to get contact information for the person who typically receives water immediately before and after you on delivery dates.

If the water is late, please check with your neighbor to determine the problem. Or, if the water is running early, notify the next neighbor in sequence to pick up the water a little early. These actions prevent flooding and are helpful to all parties involved.

Neighbors can also help each other with water scheduling conflicts, such as vacations, illness and work hours.

If you encounter a problem with a neighbor that you cannot resolve, please contact the SRP Water Contact Center. SRP also offers a mediation service at no charge.

Key homeowners

A key homeowner is a volunteer for the neighborhood or group of irrigators that helps SRP contact neighbors about events or situations requiring quick notification. These volunteers are also a great source of information about the neighborhood system.

  • If you would like to organize a neighborhood meeting or volunteer to be a key homeowner, please let us know. An SRP water delivery specialist is available to attend the meeting or explain the key homeowner program.
  • Delegate a key homeowner by asking for volunteers. An effective key homeowner enjoys working with neighbors and is knowledgeable and comfortable with the operation of the neighborhood system.

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