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Irrigation basic charge and fees

As a water rights land owner with SRP, you do not pay for water; it belongs to your land. The annual basic charge and fees help pay for water storage and for the construction, operation and maintenance of SRP facilities.

Irrigated land is also charged an annual water delivery fee, which pays the administrative cost of servicing an active irrigation account.

Many shareholders use more than their base allocation during an irrigation year. There is an additional charge for this over-base allocation water use.

Bills are issued in mid-November for the upcoming calendar year and are due the first week of December. Failure to pay your basic charge and fees by the due date will result in penalties and possible interruption in your water delivery.


SRP's Board of Governors approves new water fees in early November each year.

On March 24, 2016, the Board of Governors of the Salt River Valley Water Users' Association approved the following:

You can find more information on our 2017 water charges page.

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