SRP's 10th annual Water Conservation Expo

The 10th Annual Water Conservation Expo was held March 4, 2017 and attended by approximately 1,000 people. Attendees had the opportunity to purchase a Rain Bird ESP-SMTe smart irrigation controller at a discounted price, attended classes and learned from exhibitors.

Next year's expo is already being planned and currently schedule for March 3, 2018. The expo is the largest one-day distribution of Rain Bird smart irrigation controllers in the nation. Approximately 4,500 smart controllers have been distributed over the past nine years, which translates into an approximate water savings of about 422 million gallons. This is based on the average household water use of 12,000 gallons per month before installation of a smart controller.

Up to 70% of residential water use is outdoors. Installed, programmed correctly and maintained, these state-of-the-art EPA WaterSense-labeled controllers can deliver water savings of at least 20% more than traditional controllers.

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