Join us next year for the Annual Water Conservation Expo

The 8th Annual Water Conservation Expo was held March 7, 2015 and attended by more than 1,000 people. The next expo will be held March 5, 2016.

Rain Bird ESP-SMTe 4-station smart irrigation controllers were available for the purchase price of $50 plus tax (retail value $314.15)*. Additional three-station expansion modules were available for the discounted price of $15 each plus tax (retail value $53.55)*.

The expo has grown each year to become the largest one-day distribution of Rain Bird smart irrigation controllers in the nation. In seven years, more than 3,300 smart controllers have been distributed at the Water Expo. That translates to an approximate water savings of about 250 million gallons based on average household water use of 12,000 gallons per month before installation.

Up to 70% of residential water use is outdoors. Installed, programmed correctly and maintained, these state-of-the-art WaterSense-labeled controllers can deliver water savings of at least 20% by using historical weather data, on-site rainfall and temperature information to determine daily watering run times.


SRP Annual Water Expos typically feature two classes:

  • Smart irrigation controller: This 50-minute class helps you learn more about the ESP-SMTe, which promotes water efficiency by using historical weather data, along with onsite rainfall and temperature information to determine daily watering run times.
  • Xeriscape: Learn about the seven principles that help ensure that landscapes are water efficient, low-water-use plants, water conservation and sustainability in this 45-minute class.

More to do

Expo exhibits provide information about water supplies, energy efficiency, water safety and water conservation geared towards attendees of all ages.

Exhibitors who participated in 2015 included SRP, Rain Bird, Ewing Irrigation, Evolve Showerheads, Home Depot, municipal water conservation departments, landscape professionals and more.