SRP Safety Connection at work in the community

As fun as water is, we must be very careful in and around it. Teach children to respect water and to practice safety around all bodies of water, large and small. Water safety is everyone's responsibility.

Electricity powers our life in so many ways! Still, as helpful as it is, we must always be very careful with electricity and electric facilities. Teach children to respect electricity and to practice safety in your home and around the neighborhood. Electric safety is everyone's responsibility.

Unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds for a child to drown or to be injured putting an object into an electrical outlet. Safety must always come first! SRP has been involved in improving quality of life in Arizona for more than 100 years; we do more than provide power and water to the communities we serve. We developed SRP Safety Connection™ so we could offer valuable programs and information that can help you and your family live safer, happier lives.

SRP Safety Connection provides vital information in English and Spanish to more than 250,000 people annually in an effort to keep families and children safe around water and electricity.

Safety is important to SRP

Safety is a top priority at SRP. In fact, safety is second nature to our employees — not only on the job but in their personal lives too.

To help ensure families are aware of daily water and electrical hazards, SRP Safety Connection works closely with our employees and community partners in an effort to provide educational programming about water and electrical safety at community events.

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