Practice safety at home with your family

Get information and tips for indoor, outdoor and water safety. Information about SRP-sponsored swimming lessons is also available.

Water safety

Electric safety

SRP-sponsored swimming lessons Protect your home from wildfire
The importance of water safety Outdoor safety
Water safety partners Storm safety
Swimming and pool safety Electric plug and cord safety
Water safety at home Safe appliance use
Canal safety Electric safety, room by room
Safe Summer Campaign events Heating your home safely
  Holiday lighting safety

Get free safety, CPR materials

SRP Safety Connection™ provides water and electric safety materials you can use at home to educate your family.

We provide free DVDs, coloring books, checklists, notepads, brochures and signs, all free of charge. There are also home safety items such as tub clings and magnets.

Many items are available in both English and Spanish.

You can learn about the different safety materials we offer before placing your order.

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