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Safety for contractors

At construction sites around the country, many serious injuries and deaths occur because of improper contact with electrical power.

As part of SRP Safety Connection™, we offer free resources to promote safety for those who work around power lines. To request a free video or presentation below, call SRP Safety Services at (602) 236-8117.

Electrical safety video

"Contractor Beware" is a 15-minute video that provides power line safety basics that apply to the construction site. The video includes anecdotes about victims of electrical contact and how job site accidents altered their lives.

The video also features the following topics:

  • How electricity works
  • Underground power line safety
  • Overhead power line safety
  • Heavy equipment use near power lines

Electrical power line safety presentation

To help contractors reduce the risk of electricity-related accidents, SRP developed an electrical safety awareness program that focuses on working near underground or overhead electrical transmission and distribution systems. This free, one-hour program features an energized power line model that graphically demonstrates the effects of electrical contact.

This presentation also covers requirements of the Arizona Overhead Power Line Safety Law (ARS 40-360-41), the Arizona Underground Utility Law (ARS 40-360.28) and the Arizona Blue Stake Law.

Electrical safety workshop video presentation

This 14-minute video focuses on overhead and underground electrical safety. It was developed from presentations delivered at an SRP Electrical Safety Workshop and a joint utility workshop titled "Tree Trimming Safety." Although created for tree trimmers and landscapers, the video presentation will be helpful to anyone who works around overhead or underground electrical lines.

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