SRP Power Quality Services

We can help you prevent unwanted power interruptions due to power quality problems at your facility. To help you find the cause of a power quality problem, we offer services that include diagnostics, mitigation, monitoring and prevention strategies that can save you time and money.

Training and seminars

We provide a series of courses to provide engineers, electricians and facility technicians a greater understanding of power quality problems. Your staff will learn the tools and techniques used to solve those problems and discover the importance of proper wiring and grounding for dependable equipment performance. More

Consulting services

Our power quality engineering staff is expert in line disturbance analysis, harmonics, power quality mitigation, motors and drives. We can help you solve complex electrical problems, specify equipment or serve as a third-party consultant to ensure that your project meets your requirements. More


You may encounter problems with motor start-ups, load imbalances, harmonics, system power outages or improper grounding or wiring. One call to SRP results in an engineering investigation, a written report with recommended solutions and a turn-key solutions proposal. More

Long-term monitoring

By monitoring power quality at your electrical meter, SRP can assist you in analyzing the types and sources of power quality events. Long-term monitoring also provides the data necessary for trending or benchmarking power quality within your facility. Our automatic paging and/or e-mailing system will inform you of a power quality disturbance, allowing you to respond quickly to potential problems. More

Preventative electrical testing

Using state-of-the-art equipment, SRP will perform an on-site inspection of your electrical equipment to assess whether it is running safely and identify any problems before damage occurs. We perform three tests, analyze the results and provide you with a written report detailing the condition of the equipment and any recommended repairs. More

Infrared thermographic inspection

Infrared imaging can help detect problems in your business facility's equipment, helping you avoid situations that can lead to electrical and mechanical failure. SRP's infrared thermographic inspection can be performed on all types of electrical equipment and can be conducted on a one-time or a regular basis. More

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