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Dec. 15SRP Completes First Week of Puerto Rico Restoration Efforts
Salt River Project employees are finding challenges but making progress helping to restore electricity as they conclude their first week in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Eight SRP employees deployed the weekend of Dec. 8 to help guide and coordinate ongoing efforts to rebuild the Carolina region in the wake of Hurricane Maria's Category 5 destruction.

Dec. 14SRP to Seek Proposals for Large Renewable Energy Projects
Salt River Project is preparing to issue a Request for Proposals in early 2018 for 100 megawatts of new renewable energy.  The renewable energy projects selected in the process are intended to help SRP expand its customer-dedicated green energy programs for large commercial and industrial customers.

Dec. 6SRP Employees to Aid Puerto Rico in Power Restoration
Salt River Project employees will deploy Dec. 8 – 10 to help guide and coordinate ongoing efforts to rebuild Puerto Rico's power grid in the wake of Hurricane Maria's devastation. SRP will lead and collaborate with Austin Energy to provide one of seven regional Incident Management Teams (IMT) for the next two months on behalf of the American Public Power Association. The IMT will consist of eight SRP employees and two from Austin Energy.

Nov. 29Navajo Generating Station will operate through December 2019
The remaining actions necessary for final approval of a new lease for the Navajo Project, including the Navajo Generating Station (NGS), near Page, Ariz. have been completed, meaning the plant can continue operating through 2019.

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