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Learn about SRP sustainable energy goals

SRP's Sustainable Portfolio Principles provide guidelines and goals for SRP's acquisition and use of renewable energy resources, as well as for our customer energy-efficiency and conservation programs.

How you can get involved

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Current generation portfolio

SRP currently meets the electricity needs of its 940,000 customers by providing energy generated from a diverse fuel mix, including natural gas, nuclear and coal. Purchases of power from the market add to SRP's generation supply.

SRP's Board of Directors set a goal for the company to meet 20% of its retail electricity requirements through sustainable resources by 2020. Currently, SRP is ahead of schedule — providing about 7.5% of retail energy needs with sustainable resources, including:

  • Renewable energy
  • Hydropower
  • Conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pricing measures

Electricity generated from renewable resources such as hydro, solar, wind, landfill gas and geothermal supplement SRP's power supply. Although these renewable resources are generally less efficient and more expensive, SRP recognizes that the environmental benefits of such resources are very important and add value to customers.

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