SRP EarthWise Energy builds solar energy projects for nonprofits

The power to make a difference is yours

Sign up for SRP EarthWise Energy™ and become a champion of clean energy and Valley nonprofits. Add $3, $6, $9 or $12 to your monthly electric bill to make an impact felt for generations to come. SRP uses 100% of customers' contributions to provide solar installations for local organizations. Together with our customers, SRP EarthWise Energy™ has helped 18 nonprofits and saved them a combined total of $185,000 since 2007.

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How your dollars empower nonprofits

Each year SRP selects eligible nonprofits from a pool of applicants to receive a donated solar installation. The clean energy produced helps offset operational costs by saving money on electric bills. This transforms solar power and your dollars into shelter for families, services for those in need or hope for endangered species. Together, we can help organizations to provide more for the causes, communities and people they serve.

Create a cleaner, brighter tomorrow

Since the program launched, SRP EarthWise Energy™ has avoided the release of 2,424,069 pounds of CO2. This is the equivalent of taking 229 cars off the road (source: EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator).

Meet your 2013 SRP EarthWise Energy™ recipients

Learn about the nonprofits and solar energy installations built by EarthWise Energy.

A typical 10 kW solar electric system helps to avoid the release of almost 20,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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