Businesses can protect the environment with Renewable Energy Credits

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For as little as $1.39 per 100-kilowatt hours, your business can support renewable energy through SRP's Renewable Energy Credit (REC) program. RECs allow you to offset power to your business with an environmentally friendly source — wind energy.

Here's what you can do by signing up for SRP's REC program:

  • Set yourself apart from the crowd: Your customers will appreciate your environmental commitment, and we'll help you spread the word. SRP offers promotional incentives that increase in accordance with the amount of RECs you purchase.
  • Create a market for green solutions: All of the money your business spends on RECs will guarantee the electricity consumed is replaced with wind power.
  • Invest in the future: By signing up for RECs, you improve the environment for future generations. It's a fact: Purchasing just six blocks of RECs each month will reduce the same amount of carbon dioxide as a forest the size of a football field (Source: EPA Power Profiler).

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How to participate

RECs are sold in 100-kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks. Each block you order costs $1.39 and will appear as an additional line item on your electric bill.

You can sign up for as many blocks as you like; two blocks would cost $2.78 per month, three blocks would cost $4.17 per month, and so on. Or you can choose to offset 100%, 50%, 25% or 10% of your energy usage. We can calculate this for you. Just e-mail us at or call (602) 236-2328. Please have your account number ready.

An average Arizona home uses 1,200 kWh hours per month. Therefore to offset this electricity usage with 100% renewable energy credits, 12 blocks would need to be purchased at a cost of $16.68 per month.

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Sign up now

Sign up today to become a part of creating a cleaner future for your business. Simply call (602) 236-2328 or email Please note: Enrollment is limited to SRP's available REC capacity.

If you have any questions, email

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