Discover Community Solar

Arizona is the perfect place for solar energy. That's why we developed SRP Community Solar. Now, instead of installing panels on your home, you can "adopt" solar. This program is designed for any SRP residential customer who doesn't mind paying a little more to help accelerate the growth of solar energy in our region and state.

Community Solar is an environmental program that works well with most SRP Price Plans. It's an easy, affordable way to take steps to advance clean energy.

An easy choice

  • Environmentally friendly: reduces greenhouse-gas emissions.
  • No upfront costs to install solar panels on your roof.
  • No solar panel maintenance or repair costs.
  • Price certainty on the Community Solar portion of your SRP bill for five years.
  • More

Join today

As a Community Solar participant, you also will:

  • See on each monthly bill how your portion of solar energy offsets some of your usage.
  • Gain exclusive access to online plant data - including the environmental benefits.
  • Be invited to participate in solar plant tours, SRP environmental events and an online solar social network.
  • Receive a quarterly environmental e-newsletter.