SRP commercial rebates for lighting, HVAC and refrigeration

The SRP Standard Business Solutions program provides rebates for replacing common energy-efficient equipment found in commercial and industrial settings. Most typical energy-efficiency upgrades qualify.

Program fully subscribed

Thank you for exploring the SRP Business Solutions programs, and rebates for your energy efficiency projects. Application volume during the FY16 program year (May 1, 2015 – April 30, 2016) has been strong in both the Standard and Custom Programs. As a result, both programs became fully subscribed as of November 2, 2015.

A waitlist has been established, and new applications are being added to the waitlist in the order received. If additional funding becomes available, wait-listed applications will be processed and rebates paid on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, please review the waitlist information, or contact the program administrator at (602) 236-3054.

If you are a small business on the E-32, E-34, E-36, E-47 or E-48 price plans and use less than 145,000 kilowatt-hours a year across all accounts, you qualify to participate in our Small Business Solutions program which is not yet fully subscribed. Visit our Small Business Solutions page for more info, or call us at (602) 236-3054 if you have questions about qualifying.

Again, thank you for your interest in the SRP Business Solutions Programs. We look forward to your continued participation in the Standard & Custom Business Solutions Programs.

Additional information about the waitlist and answers to frequently asked questions are available.

How to qualify

Since most projects qualify, getting started is easy. Consider what you want to replace or upgrade, and contact SRP or an Energy Efficiency Alliance Participant to guide you the rest of the way. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, check out the SRP Custom Business Solutions program and suggest your own project.

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Rebate types

What can I get a rebate for?

  • $300 per kilowatt of reduced installed demand for:
    • T8 and T5 linear fluorescents
    • Ceramic metal halide lamps
    • Induction-lighting systems
    • Premium-efficiency electronic ballasts
    • Probe start to pulse start technology for metal halide lamps
    • Hardwired CFLs (GU24)
  • $350 per kilowatt of reduced installed demand for:
    • ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights™ approved LED fixtures and lamps
  • Up to $25 per occupancy sensor installed

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Please note: You must receive written approval from SRP before ordering, purchasing or installing any retrofit lighting equipment.

What can I get a rebate for?

  • Unitary air conditioners, heat pumps and packaged terminal units: $60–$85 per ton
  • Direct evaporative cooler: $.06 per CFM
  • Direct/indirect evaporative coolers (IDEC): $.06 per CFM
  • Programmable and smart thermostats: $40 each
  • Variable-frequency drives on fans and pumps: $75 per horsepower
  • Electronically commutated motors (ECM): $125 per horsepower, up to 1 horsepower
  • Outside air economizers: $40 per ton
  • Energy management systems (EMS): $.25 per square foot
  • Hotel room occupancy controls: $50 per room
  • Carbon dioxide sensors: $85-$120 each
  • Carbon monoxide sensors: $250 each
  • Chillers: Variable rebates

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What can I get a rebate for?

  • Low-pressure drop filters: $0.80 per standard cubic foot per minute (SCFM)
  • Zero-loss condensate drains: $90 each
  • Additional receiver capacity: $1.50 per gallon
  • Refrigerated cycling dryers: $1.50 per SCFM
  • Variable-frequency drive compressors: $90 per horsepower, up to 75 horsepower
  • Desiccant dryers: $5-$7.50 per SCFM

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Please note: Systems of 100 horsepower or more (excluding backup) may qualify for an assessment through the SRP Custom Business Solutions program.

What can I get a rebate for?

  • Discus or disc valve compressor: $50 per ton
  • Anti-sweat heater controls: $7 per linear foot
  • Auto door closers: $40–$50 each
  • Dock door seals: $14–$17 per linear foot
  • Door gaskets: $2.50–$3.50 per linear foot
  • Electronically commutated refrigeration motors: $25 each reach-in, $100 each walk-in
  • Evaporative fan controllers for walk-in coolers: $25 each
  • Fast-acting cooler doors: $30 per square foot
  • Fast-acting freezer doors: $80 per square foot
  • High-efficiency doors for freezer case: $50 each
  • High-efficiency display cases: $20–$150 per linear foot
  • Night covers: $10 per linear foot
  • Strip curtains: $6 per square foot
  • High-efficiency compressors: $80 per ton
  • Condenser and evaporative fan variable frequency drives: $75 per horsepower
  • Evaporative condensers: $50 per ton
  • Floating-head pressure controls: $20 per ton

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What can I get a rebate for?

  • Networked PC power management software: $8 per desktop
  • Server power management and virtualization: $75-$100 per server
  • High-efficiency server replacement: $750 per server
  • Outside-air economizers: $40 per ton
  • Variable frequency drives (VFDs) for HVAC pumps ≤100 horsepower: $75 per horsepower
  • Electronically commutated motors (ECM) for HVAC applications: $125 per horsepower, up to 1 horsepower
  • ECMs for computer room air conditioners/computer room air handlers: $200 per horsepower
  • High-efficiency computer room air conditioners (CRAC): up to $400 per ton

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What can I get a rebate for?

  • Window film: $.60 per square foot
  • Shade screens: $.80 per square foot

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Please note: Additional building envelope measures, such as insulation, may qualify for an assessment through the SRP Custom Business Solutions program.

Looking for more options? SRP offers several other rebates for energy-efficiency improvements, including:


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Get started

There are three ways to start the rebate process*:

  1. Call us at (602) 236-3054.
  2. Email us.
  3. Contact an Energy Efficiency Alliance Participant to help guide you through the process.

*Rebate requests are reviewed in the order received. Once available funds have been committed, requests will be wait-listed.

Program details

Rebates are available to any customer served by a qualifying SRP retail electric commercial price plan. For eligible price plans, expenses, limitations, exclusions and other program requirements, refer to the program manual Document is a PDF.

Measures placed in service from Jan. 1, 2006, through Dec. 31, 2013, may also qualify for a federal tax deduction. Visit ENERGY STAR® for more details.

Forms and workbooks

SRP representatives may ask you to fill out certain paperwork to complete the rebate process. You can download those forms here:

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