What SRP is doing

SRP is committed to helping solve air-quality challenges in metropolitan Phoenix. Supporting the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles helps us address our concerns about the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on petroleum-based fuels.

We are working with state and local officials, automakers and other stakeholders to ensure our customers understand the decisions they will need to make before they purchase a plug-in electric vehicle.

For questions regarding electric vehicle charging options and price plans, call SRP at (602) 236-0777.

About plug-in electric vehicles

Electric vehicles hold the promise of reducing the world's dependence on fossil fuels. A plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) is any motor vehicle that can be recharged from an external source of electricity, such as a wall socket. The electricity stored in the rechargeable battery packs provides a portion, or all, of the power to drive the wheels.

Plug-In electric vehicle technologies

PEVs include all-electric or battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).


Does not use a gasoline engine;
runs exclusively on an electric motor

Runs on both gasoline/diesel and electricity

Electric vehicle benefits

Electric vehicles hold the promise of the greatest air-quality benefits of any available technology. In addition, electric vehicles:

  • Generally cost less to own, operate and maintain than combustion-powered vehicles, even in cases where the initial purchase price is somewhat higher
  • Emit no pollutant from the tailpipe, so they're cleaner for the environment and better for everyone's respiratory health
  • Run quieter than combustion-powered vehicles
  • Produce far less emissions than their combustion-powered counterparts
  • Can be charged at night when systemwide demand for electricity is lower and SRP Time-of-Day off-peak hours are less expensive
  • Reduce energy dependence of potentially millions of barrels per day of oil imports

Get a complete list of electric vehicles, from the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center.

For questions regarding electric vehicle charging options and price plans, call SRP at (602) 236-0777.

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