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Our EV community now includes 1,300 electric vehicle owners within SRP's electric service territory. Our grid powers your ride and we want to ensure that it is ready for the increasing number of EVs expected to hit the road in the coming years.

SRP is committed to reducing carbon emissions and supporting EV adoption is part of this. In 2016 83% of our fleet was green, which includes electric, biodiesel and ethanol-capable vehicles. Below are resources related to our EV community meetings, facts about the state of EV adoption in Arizona and more.

Meeting Presentations

  • Download Document is a PDF the presentation from the April 2017 EV advisory group meeting.

Get your employer involved

The importance of workplace charging has increased with the continued rise of EV ownership. Below are variety of resources to help you start a conversation with your employer about at-work charging.

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EV adoption in Arizona

Electric vehicle ownership has continued to increase since 2010, when there were only four electric vehicles registered in Arizona. In 2011 ownership jumped to 462 vehicles and the trend continued with over 8,000 EVs on the roads in 2016.

Image is of a bar graph that displays electric vehicle ownership by year from 2012 through 2016 in Arizona. Each bar has different segments of color that represents the number of each type of electric vehicle registered in Arizona for that year.
Data displayed is as follows: For 2012: 496 Volts, 509 LEAFs, 100 Prius Plug-ins, 12 Model S, 25 C-MAX Energi, 13 plug-in hybrid EVs, 33 battery-only EVs. Total: 1188
For 2013: 916 Volts, 854 LEAFs, 135 Prius Plug-ins, 315 Model S, 126 C-MAX Energi, 62 Fusion Energi, 21 plug-in hybrid EVs, 100 battery-only EVs. Total: 2529
For 2014: 1289 Volts, 1207 LEAFs, 184 Prius Plug-ins, 622 Model S, 290 C-MAX Energi, 338 Fusion Energi, 55 i3s, 43 plug-in hybrid EVs, 72 extended range EVs, 164 battery-only electric vehicle. Total: 4264
For 2015: 1538 Volts, 1413 LEAFs, 243 Prius Plug-ins, 1187 Model S, 389 C-MAX Energi, 522 Fusion Energi, 138 i3s, 108 plug-in hybrid EVs, 184 extended range EVs, 211 battery-only EVs. Total: 5933
For 2016: 1866 Volts, 1636 LEAFs, 244 Prius Plug-ins, 1843 Model S, 467 C-MAX Energi, 734 Fusion Energi, 201 i3s, 399 plug-in hybrid EVs, 276 extended range EVs, 572 battery-only EVs. Total: 8238

The chart above shows EV ownership for the past five years broken down by EV car model or type. Type was used when model was unavailable and categories are: plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), extended range electric vehicles (EREV) and battery-only electric vehicles (BEV). The registration data displayed is for the entire state of Arizona and provided by the Electric Power Research Institute as obtained from IHS Markit .

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