Social Studies Grants by SRP

The Social Studies Grants program by SRP is offered to Arizona teachers of students in grades K-12 for the enrichment and enhancement of classroom instruction. Grants will be awarded to help educators present academic content and teach skills in the interrelated disciplines of history, geography, civics, government, and economics.

These grants support the five strands of the Arizona Social Studies Academic Standards. Standards require that students learn essential facts, concepts, people and events, and develop reasoning, inquiry, critical thinking and research skills while applying other articulated skills such as reading, writing, math and science.

When and how to apply

The application cycle for the 2014-15 school year is now closed. Grant recipients will be announced in mid-April. Please check back in August for application details for the 2015-16 academic year.

View grant recipients for the 2014-15 academic year.

Judging criteria

Grant requests are reviewed based on the following:

  • Project activities and teaching strategies should represent inquiry-based teaching and learning.
  • Projects should be designed to encourage students to develop understanding of concepts from the social science disciplines in order to communicate their ideas in a variety of formats: spoken, written, graphic, statistical and/or electronic.
  • Projects should enable students to become involved in exploring a range of options that will develop their skills, such as information technology, primary source materials, community resources and local organizations, oral histories and interpretive centers as well as traditional resources.

Social studies also can provide students with the skills for productive problem solving and decision making, as well as for assessing issues and making thoughtful value judgments. Above all, the social studies help students to integrate these skills and understandings into a framework for responsible citizen participation, whether in their play group, the school, the community or the world.

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Sample activities

Sample activities and projects for which Social Studies Grants by SRP could be used to fund include:

  • Chautauquans — Scholars assume the roles of significant figures from the past, including wearing period clothing. They present as the historical character and answer questions from that character's perspective. They conclude by "reassuming" their identity and taking questions as themselves to provide scholarly context and insight.
  • Book discussions — An author or editor is available to speak with students about a book, topic or magazine.
  • Materials - DVDs, relief maps and globes could be bought to teach a family history project that would entail using a map to offer background on a family heritage.
  • Field trip — Units of study could be illustrated/augmented with trips to museums and/or historical societies.
  • Workshops - A number of museums and historical societies offer classes and workshops based on specific topics; preferred ones provide lesson plans and classroom resources.
  • Oral history projects — Students can preserve history by interviewing and recording the stories of those who participated.
  • Museum youth curator experiences - Students can research, design, construct and install an exhibit at a museum or historical society.

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For more information

If you have questions about Social Studies Grants by SRP, please call (602) 236-2235 or send an e-mail to You can also check out these helpful grant-writing tips.

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