Powering Our Future Grants by SRP

Powering Our Future is a comprehensive renewable energy education program, available free-of-charge to all Arizona students and educators. Powering Our Future interactive components are hosted online at www.poweringourfuture.com. Modules cover Arizona science, math, reading and writing standards for grades 4-6, 6-8 and high school.

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Applicants for Powering Our Future Grants must apply through SRP's online grant application system. Funds are available throughtout the school year until they're exhausted.

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Many additional resources, including printed curricula for teachers and educator in-services, are available upon request.

With SRP Powering Our Future Grants, classroom teachers in grades 4-12 can receive up to $350 in funding to purchase supplementary materials and supplies to teach the hands-on components of the Powering Our Future curriculum. All we ask is that you have taken a Powering Our Future in-service.

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