SRP addresses issues in education

Education is the key to our future, and SRP annually contributes more than $1.3 million to education initiatives, grants and partnerships throughout Arizona.

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Why SRP supports education

An educated, well-trained work force is essential for our business needs and our state's economic vitality. A foundation for future scientists, engineers, technicians and tradespeople is crucial to SRP core businesses.

Looking forward, there are several educational challenges facing Arizona and the United States. Consider these statistics:

  • The Quality Counts 2013 report ranked Arizona 42nd out of 50 states in education, including K-12 student achievement, school finance, the teaching profession, and the rigor of the academic curriculum. Furthermore, Arizona received a grade of F on education funding.

    SRP addresses this issue by supporting science, math and technology education through our Learning Grants by SRP program.
  • In a recent poll by Scholastic Inc. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, teachers surveyed (including 866 from Arizona) stated that they want to create and use new ways to reach out to today's students.

    We provide educators in SRP communities with engaging, high-quality supplemental science and literacy materials and resources for their students at no cost. The materials are developed by teachers to employ best educational practices and correlate to state-mandated competencies for students.
  • Fewer than four in 10 Arizona ninth-graders enroll in college, and fewer than two in 10 earn a college degree in six years or less. Of the 1.1 million U.S. high school seniors, fewer than 6% indicated plans to pursue a degree in engineering — a 33% decrease in interest from the previous decade.

    SRP understands that to support Arizona's students to reach higher standards, we must challenge them to rise to the challenge and support them and their families as they make the journey. That's why SRP supports programs for students such as the Arizona College Scholarship Foundation.

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Education partnerships and sponsorships

From 4-H programs to university initiatives, and from basic school supplies to cutting-edge science and technology competitions, SRP invests in education initiatives that brighten the outlook for Arizona students. For more about our efforts:

  • Read about our recent collaborations with partners in education.
  • View the SRP Community Involvement Report for a summary of schools and programs that received SRP corporate contributions during the last fiscal year.
  • Learn about our Community Outreach strategies, which focus on math and science instructional improvement, school reform (expectations for math and science), and teacher recognition and resource programs.

Additional information

For more information, please call SRP Community Outreach at (602) 236-2484.

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Free instructional materials

SRP is pleased to offer an array of complimentary educational resources in support of Arizona educational standards.

Order materials online or call (602) 236-2484.

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