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Billing and payment options

SRP offers many easy ways to pay and receive your bill. You can change your payment and billing options at any time. Make a selection below to learn more.


No paper bills

  • View your bill online anytime
  • Receive an email or text when your bill is ready to view

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Budget Billing

Predictable payments

  • Pay the same amount each month
  • Make household budgeting easier

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Custom Due Date

Pick the day you pay

  • Choose the date from 1 - 28 that works best
  • Match your payment with your budget

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Pay bills automatically

  • Save time by not writing checks
  • Make late fees a thing of the past

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Simple, secure payment

  • Make easy and secure payments 24/7 from your bank account
  • Pay anytime from a computer, tablet or smart phone

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debit card

Service charge applies

  • Make a one-time payment with a credit or debit card
  • Make the payment online or by phone

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Manage your account

My Account

24/7 online access

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alerts and reminders

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Next steps

There are more tools and options for billing and payment.

In addition to choosing a way to receive your bill, you can also choose a price plan.