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Choose a billing option

Everything listed below is optional – you don't have to select any of these when starting electric service. But whether you're a new or continuing customer, these options can save your business time and effort.


SRP eBill™ is a convenient service that lets your business:

  • Enjoy paperless billing
  • View your statement online
  • Review past statements

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Budget Billing

SRP Budget Billing™ can help your business:

  • Balance the seasonal highs and lows of your electric bill
  • Make your payments predictable each month
  • Make household budgeting easier

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SRP SurePay™ could be a good fit for your business if:

  • You prefer to have your bill paid automatically each month
  • Your payment can come from a checking or savings account
  • You want to ensure your SRP bills are paid on time

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Custom Due Date

SRP Custom Due Date™ is a convenient service that lets your business:

  • Choose the day you want to pay your SRP bill

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Billing tools

Follow these instructions for reading commercial electric meters.

Next steps

In addition to choosing a way to receive your bill, you can also choose a price plan and choose a way to pay.

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