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Santan Generating Station

Owner/operator: SRP (100% owner)

Location: Gilbert, Ariz.

Description: The original plant comprises four combined-cycle, combustion and steam generation units. An additional unit made up of two gas turbines and one steam turbine began operation in 2005. Another generating unit made up of one gas turbine and one steam turbine achieved commercial operation in March 2006.

Total generating capability: The original four units each are capable of producing 92 MW, for a total of 368 MW. Unit 5 and 6 generate approximately 550 MW and 275 MW, respectively, bringing the facility's expected capacity to approximately 1193 MW with seasonal variations.

Fuel source: Natural gas.

Plant construction: Units 1 and 3 were completed in October 1974. Unit 2 was completed in December 1974. Unit 4 went on-line in May 1975. Unit 5 began commercial operation in April 2005. Unit 6 began commercial operation in March 2006.

Expansion project cost: $541 million.

Plant operations: Santan is used to supplement base-load plants. Santan is a relatively quick source of electricity, capable of producing power within 20 to 60 minutes.


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