A History of Service

The Salt River Project's story is an integral part of Arizona's history. Founded a decade before Arizona was a state in 1903, SRP has helped shape the West for more than 100 years making it possible for millions to live in the desert.

Water has always been the key. As settlers moved into the Salt River Valley in the 1800's, a haphazard canal system formed to support the boom in agriculture. One group of settlers soon realized that to thrive they would need to work together. Through coordinated efforts, they were able to secure government funding to build a massive water storage and delivery system that still serves the entire Salt River Valley.

Today, SRP and its partners generate power from plants in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico, with a diverse fuel mix of coal, nuclear, hydro, natural gas and oil. In the early 2000’s, SRP began to expand into renewable sources, including solar and hydrogenation.