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Electric System Revenue Bonds trustee information

Effective June 7, 2004 U.S. Bank is the trustee and paying agent for SRP Electric System Revenue Bonds. Contact U.S. Bank for instructions regarding:

  • Registration changes (joint tenancy, trusts, custodianship of minor's account)
  • Lost, mutilated or destroyed bonds
  • Lost or non-receipt of interest payments
  • Direct deposit of semi-annual interest payments
  • Deceased bondholders
  • Early redemption of minibonds
  • Matured bonds
  • Called bonds

U.S. Bank's toll-free number for SRP bond holders is (800) 934-6802. Send address changes in writing, signed by all bondholders, to:

U.S. Bank Corporate Trust Services
Attn: Bond Operations, EP-MN-WS2N
60 Livingston Avenue
St Paul MN 55107-2292

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