Facts about SRP

SRP is the oldest multipurpose federal reclamation project in the United States. We have been serving central Arizona since 1903, nearly 10 years before Arizona became the 48th state.

Today the SRP power district is one of the nation's largest public power utilities. We provide electricity to more than 970,000 retail customers in a 2,900-square-mile service area that spans three Arizona counties, including most of the metropolitan Phoenix area (known as the Valley). We are an integrated utility, providing generation, transmission and distribution services, as well as metering and billing services.

SRP's water business is one of the largest raw-water suppliers in Arizona. We deliver about 1 million acre-feet of water annually to a 375-square-mile service area and manage a 13,000-square-mile watershed that includes an extensive system of reservoirs, wells, canals and irrigation laterals.

Basic data FY13

Employees, year-end 4,772
Electric customers, year-end 969,046
Electric service area 2,900 sq. mi.
Water service area 375 sq. mi
Watershed 13,000 sq. mi.

Power data FY13

Peak - SRP retail customers (MW) 6,663
Peak - power system (MW) 7,195
Resources available to serve peak (MW) 8,155
Sales, total (GWh) 32,452
Sales, retail (GWh) 27,158

Financial data FY13

Data ($ in 000s)
Total operating revenues $2,823,796
Operating expenses, total $2,450,564
Net revenues (loss) $235,020
Utility plant, gross $14,260,038
Electric revenue contributions to support water operations $54,438
Taxes & tax equivalents $141,788
Debt ratio 50.6%
Debt service coverage ratio 2.56

Note: SRP operates on a fiscal year of May 1 through April 30.


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SRP's ownership interest in major power sources:

Facility SRP ownership interest Fuel
Agua Fria Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 626 MW oil/natural gas
Coronado Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 785 MW, units 1 & 2
100% of 500-kV transmission system
Craig Generating Station (Colo.) 29% (250 MW) of 863 MW, units 1 & 2 coal
Desert Basin Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 581 MW natural gas
Four Corners Generating Station (N.M.) 10% (154 MW) of 1,540 MW, units 4 & 5 coal
Hayden Generating Station (Colo.) 50% (131 MW) of 262 MW, unit 2 coal
Kyrene Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 410 MW natural gas
Mesquite Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 625 MW, block 1 natural gas
Navajo Generating Station (Ariz.) 21.7% (488 MW) of 2,250 MW coal
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (Ariz.) 17.49% (688 MW) of 3,934 MW, units 1, 2 & 3 nuclear
Santan Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 1,219 MW natural gas
Springerville Generating Station (Ariz.) 100% of 417 MW, unit 4 coal

For more information, see the SRP generation sources page.

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Water data

Note: Water data is for the calendar year 2012, unless noted.

Data (acre feet)
Water deliveries 767,445
Reservoir storage capacity 2,328,201
Water in storage, FY13 end 1,452,697
Runoff 344,608

SRP dams and lakes

Dam Lake
Bartlett Dam Bartlett Lake
C.C. Cragin Dam C.C. Cragin Reservoir
Horse Mesa Dam Apache Lake
Horseshoe Dam Horseshoe Lake
Mormon Flat Dam Canyon Lake
Stewart Mountain Dam Saguaro Lake
Theodore Roosevelt Dam Roosevelt Lake

For more information, see the Arizona Dams page.

Corporate officers and executive management

View a list of corporate officers, executive management and Board and Council members.

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